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Boston, MA: A Wasteland of Wonders

Greetings, fellow wanderers! Gather ‘round and let me regale you with tales from my recent journey to the marvelous, slightly less radioactive Boston, MA

New York. In-and-Out of Brooklyn

Navigating the concrete jungle of New York City, I found myself crossing the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, a marvel that’s been standing since 1939

Twin Cities. An Epic 20-Hour Road Trip from Boston to Minnesota’s Winter Wonderland

Drove 20 hrs from Boston to Twin Cities. Got wowed by Chicago’s skyline & Minnesota’s snow. Visited Saint Paul City Hall, geeked out at a hockey exhibition, and cheered at a Minnesota Wild game. On the way back, found a Sopranos pinball at a gas station. Best. Road Trip. Ever.

Boston. A Blizzard, Brains, and March Madness in Massachusetts

Descended into Boston, got welcomed by a surprise snow bridal gown! Zip to Minnesota, return to a snow-free Boston, as if Mother Nature used a giant eraser. Met MIT’s ‘genius-risk’ police, chilled in Harvard Gardens. Left with memories of Boston’s weather whims and intellectual charm. Lesson learned: Boston’s as unpredictable as my grandma’s meatloaf recipe.

Hoover Dam. A Dam Good Trip!

Traded Vegas’ neon for Hoover Dam’s concrete grandeur, where I time-traveled between Nevada and Arizona! Marveled at Lake Mead’s desert oasis vibes – it’s a ‘dam’ impressive sight, making even the glitzy Vegas jealous!

Las Vegas. Neon Dreams and Digital Frontiers.

Vegas’ CES was a rollercoaster of tech delights, mixing familiar wonders with fresh innovations. The recipe for success? Early arrival, a coffee stash, and a spirited team! Plus, the thrill of Vegas was capped off with two electrifying NHL games, cheering on the Golden Knights. Pure Vegas magic!

Boston. At a Glance.

Boston, you sly fox! My lightning visit was like speed-dating with history – blink and you miss a century. Can’t wait to return and stay longer!

Colorado Springs. Manitou Incline.

Tackle the Manitou Incline’s ‘stairway to heaven’ with its 2,768 railroad-tie steps – it’s like a gym workout with a view! Local athletes sprint up in 30 mins; others might just turn it into a day-long adventure. Nearby, the snowy Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak provide perfect ‘cool down’ scenery – or excuses to take a break!

Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods.

Aboard Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Denver, I marveled at Canada’s moon-like landscapes and the stunning confluence in South Dakota. In Colorado, the Garden of the Gods and ‘Far Cry 5’ scenery mesmerized me. The journey ended on a high note with the live thrill of the Stanley Cup Final at 10,000 meters, witnessing Ovechkin’s triumph.

New York. Snowstorm.

In the heart of a snow-muted NYC, we relished the luxury of a hotel bed after a cramped plane ride. Exploring the eerily quiet city, we were awed by Madison Square Garden, prepping for Timberlake’s concert and a major sports clash. Our journey ended with a swift, surreal drive to Newark, escaping the city’s usual chaos.

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