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Exploring the World One Laugh at a Time

Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods.

My flight from Frankfurt to Denver on Lufthansa was a breathtaking journey. A previous trip to Vegas had taught me how to choose the best side of the plane for stunning views. The secret? Check the flight’s previous route and approach to landing on Flightradar24 to pick the perfect seat, considering the wing’s position.

Flying over the ocean, which looks the same from all sides, pales in comparison to the fascinating landscapes over land. Flying over Canada, I was surprised to find Quebec and Ontario, usually green on Google Maps, mostly barren in June, one of the Northern Hemisphere’s warmest months. The terrain resembled the moon’s crater-filled surface, eventually giving way to roads without houses, only appearing as we neared the U.S. border.

The confluence of the White River and Missouri in South Dakota was a spectacular sight, creating a unique natural phenomenon.

In Nebraska, circular fields soon turned into rectangular ones, creating a patchwork landscape.

The Westin at Denver Airport looked stunning, but this time, I opted for a homely stay in a cottage. Surprisingly, the interior felt twice as large as it appeared from outside. The first floor housed the kitchen, living room, and a bedroom, with more bedrooms upstairs. Sleeping there after the long flight was incredibly comforting.

Near Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods awaited with its striking red rocks and landscapes reminiscent of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’.

The rest of Colorado evoked scenes straight out of ‘Far Cry 5.’

Before leaving, I had to stop at Old Chicago for some beers and a slice of their famous Chicago-style pizza. Enjoying a game at the bar, switching channels during ads, and savoring a piece of pizza was a delight, a culture sadly fading in Europe.

But the trip’s highlight was the unexpected finale. On the night flight home, I got to watch the 2018 Stanley Cup Final between Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights live on Lufthansa. Witnessing Ovechkin’s joy at winning his first cup after 14 years in the NHL, 10,000 meters above the Atlantic, was an unforgettable experience.

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