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Exploring the World One Laugh at a Time

Rome. Foro Italico.

My startup journey unexpectedly led me to Rome, Italy’s majestic capital, to participate in traditional ceremonies aimed at attracting luck and success. Ironically, despite my numerous visits to Italy, Rome had always eluded me.

On the night of May 13th, the streets of Rome were deserted, yet the city was far from asleep. The fate of the Italian Football Cup was being decided – Juventus, having confidently drawn 0:0 with Roma, clinched the Serie A title. The streets instantly erupted with crowds of jubilant fans, their joy palpable.

Rome’s architecture inspires genuine awe. To truly savor its splendor, one would need at least two weeks. There’s simply too much beauty and history to absorb.

I had the unique opportunity to visit places usually off the tourist trail: the Italian Forum and the Olympic Center. The Olympic Center is a beautifully maintained site, imbued with the triumphs of athletes.

Foro Italico, a group of sports facilities built in the late 1920s, exudes an imperial grandeur typical of Mussolini, who used sport to propagate his ideologies. Despite its origins, it was preserved post-war in its original form as a historical reminder. In 1960, it hosted the Summer Olympics.

For the first time, I experienced a live tennis match. Previously, I found tennis somewhat dull, likely due to television broadcasts failing to capture the court’s intense emotions and the physical exertion each professional strike demands. In person, the experience was electrifying.

The monumental sculptures of Roman Olympians at the Forum add a sense of historical grandeur to the sporting events held there. Performing in such a venue is undoubtedly an immense honor.

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