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Exploring the World One Laugh at a Time

Tag: Europe

Sirmione. Scaliger Castle.

At Lake Garda, strike a regal pose for a Scaliger Castle selfie, embark on the Gelato Gauntlet challenge, and master the art of pasta twirling. Avoid fashion missteps, seek out the mythical lake monster, and arm yourself with key Italian phrases for a journey filled with laughter and unforgettable memories!

Rome. Foro Italico.

In Rome for a startup event, I discovered the city’s nocturnal energy as Juventus clinched the Serie A title, stirring euphoria among fans. Exploring offbeat locales like the historic Italian Forum and the Olympic Center, I witnessed the grandeur of Roman architecture and experienced the raw intensity of a live tennis match, a stark contrast to the sport’s usual TV portrayal.

Salzburg. Hangar 7

On a business trip to Austria, the highlight was Hangar 7, a museum highlighting Red Bull’s achievements. Contrary to the belief that they’re merely a soda company, Red Bull excels in content production linked to sports branding. This strategy has proven lucrative, with each can sold (typically netting a dollar) signifying their strong presence in sports. This approach has led to billions of cans sold, resulting in billions in revenue.

Trentino, Garda, and Bergamo

Explore Italy’s charm in Trentino’s Alpine beauty, and Lake Garda’s serenity. Nature, culture, and hidden gems await in this unforgettable journey. Italy’s allure knows no bounds. Buon viaggio!