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Exploring the World One Laugh at a Time

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Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods.

Aboard Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Denver, I marveled at Canada’s moon-like landscapes and the stunning confluence in South Dakota. In Colorado, the Garden of the Gods and ‘Far Cry 5’ scenery mesmerized me. The journey ended on a high note with the live thrill of the Stanley Cup Final at 10,000 meters, witnessing Ovechkin’s triumph.

Rome. Foro Italico.

In Rome for a startup event, I discovered the city’s nocturnal energy as Juventus clinched the Serie A title, stirring euphoria among fans. Exploring offbeat locales like the historic Italian Forum and the Olympic Center, I witnessed the grandeur of Roman architecture and experienced the raw intensity of a live tennis match, a stark contrast to the sport’s usual TV portrayal.

New York. Snowstorm.

In the heart of a snow-muted NYC, we relished the luxury of a hotel bed after a cramped plane ride. Exploring the eerily quiet city, we were awed by Madison Square Garden, prepping for Timberlake’s concert and a major sports clash. Our journey ended with a swift, surreal drive to Newark, escaping the city’s usual chaos.

New York. Islanders.

In just five exhilarating hours, we jetted from Seattle to New York on JetBlue, plunging into adventure. Anticipating a fierce snowstorm, we wandered through Long Island’s scenic vistas. Our Brooklyn nights were ignited at the Barclays Center, witnessing the intense clash of hockey titans – the Islanders and the Penguins – in a game charged with playoff fever and star power.

Seattle. The Suburb of Bellevue.

The journey from sunny San Diego to Seattle, Washington, offered breathtaking views along the West Coast. Delta Airlines provided an excellent flight experience. Seattle, known as an IT hub, hosts major companies like Amazon and Microsoft. The city is also famous for its football stadium and being the birthplace of Starbucks. Meeting an old friend on the other side of the world highlights the interconnectedness of our planet. Washington’s natural beauty and proximity to Canada make it an attractive place to live. The trip concluded with a flight to an unconventional New York experience.

San Diego. One foot here, the other in a burrito shop.

Detouring through Los Angeles, the traveler reached San Diego for a brief four-hour stay instead of two days due to a change in travel plans. The highlight was a lively night at a local burrito shop in La Jolla, with tequila and Mexican food. The San Diego airport, with its unique car taillight installation, also left a lasting impression.

Austin. Not SXSW

In Austin, Texas, the South by South West festival embodies a unique spirit of freedom. The AHL match attended was more of a brawl than hockey, illustrating why many aspiring NHL players choose Europe over AHL due to its intense, less strategic nature.

Colorado Springs. USA Hockey

I flew from Detroit to Denver, admiring Denver Airport’s unique architecture. In Colorado Springs, home to the US Olympic Committee, they visited the USA Hockey headquarters, a museum-like space with trophies and memorabilia showcasing the importance of strong competition in sports.

Detroit. Red Wings

Detroit, a city known for bankruptcy, features an abandoned center and typical suburbs. It’s linked to famous names like Kid Rock, Eminem, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder. The city’s sports history is highlighted by the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings and the Russian Five. The old Joe Louis Arena was replaced by the multi-level ice Little Caesars Arena, which hosts diverse events like March Madness basketball.

Salzburg. Hangar 7

On a business trip to Austria, the highlight was Hangar 7, a museum highlighting Red Bull’s achievements. Contrary to the belief that they’re merely a soda company, Red Bull excels in content production linked to sports branding. This strategy has proven lucrative, with each can sold (typically netting a dollar) signifying their strong presence in sports. This approach has led to billions of cans sold, resulting in billions in revenue.

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